Content strategy

Digital marketing today involves communicating with customers across multiple platforms (social media, mobile and tablet apps, real-time streaming experiences, with a website as the "hub") in a wide variety of formats (written content from tweets to articles to marketing copy, audio, video, animation, illustration, infographics...).

Organisations are increasingly recognising that to make these communications engaging, effective and profitable, they need good quality, well-optimised, purposeful content. And for that, they need a plan.

Content strategy helps organisations use their content creation resources to produce useful, engaging, shareable content across all digital platforms, in all formats, for all audiences in all contexts.

Weave's content strategists start by developing a deep understanding of your organisation, your objectives and your audiences. We use this understanding to produce an overall strategic plan for your digital content, together with pragmatic tools that enable you to create better content and use it more effectively.

Weave Web offers content strategy services in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

The outcomes of content strategy include:

  • A consistent organisational voice across all content channels and types
  • A findability approach that puts the right content in front of the right audiences at the right time
  • Structured content modelling that maximises the flexibility and re-usability of content and future-proofs it for new distribution methods
  • A monetisation strategy that plots the optimal customer progression from free to premium content
  • A governance and review policy that ensures content will be effectively managed, developed and kept relevant over the long term

Case study: Content strategy in action

Content strategy