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ClimateWorks Australia

Not-for-profit website

ClimateWorks Australia is a research-based, not-for-profit organisation that works with business, government and the community to help Australia move to a low-carbon economy. They needed a website that reflected their facts-based, business-oriented approach, while allowing them to add rich, informative, adaptable content.

Structured content the key

Weave created a website based on a structured content model. The model allows ClimateWorks to create and manage rich project-related content from the inception of a project to the publication of results. Relationships between projects, documents and news stories are built into the content management system, enabling project landing pages that dynamically present readers with pathways for further exploration.

Australian Web Awards 2013: Victorian winner, Not for profit category


Not for profit website

EnergyInfoHub is a website created by Weave Web for the Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre, to support the Energy Information Fund, a Victorian Government initiative. The Fund offers grants to community groups to inform and educate their community members about electricity pricing, particularly around smart meters and flexible pricing. The website promotes the funding opportunity, and publishes resources that come out of funded projects.

Getting clever with content

Weave Web created a website that uses content modelling to organise and display content in clever ways. Links between topics, projects and resources are dynamically created, so the website grows organically as new projects and resources come on board, while being easy for a single administrator to maintain. Content is easily searchable by topic, audience or language. We also developed a series of simple illustrations to explain the purpose of the website.

Christine Nixon

Public figure website

Ex-Victorian Police Commissioner Christine Nixon is one of Australia's best-known public figures. Since leaving public service, Christine spends her time giving workshops, speaking in public, consulting with businesses, mentoring future leaders, and working with not-for-profit organisations. She needed a personal website that would demonstrate this broad range of activity.

The results

Weave Web designed a website that reflects both Christine's hard-won expertise and her warm, engaging style. Centred around a blog that will be a platform for Christine's sometimes controversial views, the website also allows Christine to promote the services she offers, especially workshops. The website presents an up-to-date overview of future workshops and is seamlessly integrated with the TryBooking ticketing system.


Startup website

1Jungle is a new online business based on a simple proposition: the world of online shopping is a jungle, with many potential pitfalls, and lots of people would like to hand over their shopping list to someone else, whether for convenience, price, or security. 1Jungle is a membership-based website that gives people like these an expert online shopper to do the work for them.

The results

Weave Web's design for 1Jungle is vibrant and approachable, using fun and friendly illustrations to illustrate how the idea works. Everything about the site has been designed for maximum clarity and ease of use: becoming a member, requesting a search, buying additional searches, and upgrading, downgrading or cancelling a membership.

Sensis Social Partner

Branding, design and content

Sensis, one of Australia's largest advertising companies, was releasing a new series of products called Social Partner, aimed at helping small business make better use of social media. They engaged Weave Web to develop a complete marketing suite for the product. Our role included developing logos and brand identity; designing marketing flyers, presentations, email templates and the product website; and writing all marketing content for the products.

A complete marketing suite

Weave Web were able to design a coherent, flexible brand identity and implement it across multiple media in a very short timeframe. We wrote copy that captures the essence of the products, is tailored for a small business audience, and conforms to stringent branding and vocabulary guidelines from Facebook, which has an official partnership with Sensis. The result: Sensis could launch the product very quickly, confident that it was backed up by attractive, compelling marketing materials.

The County of Bourke

Branding and e-commerce website

Owner Simon wanted to build a new brand that united two existing businesses: one manufacturing and selling high-quality leather and canvas bags, and another importing and selling a range of casual shoes and boots from Denmark. Simon had come up with the name The County of Bourke (an old name for Melbourne) for the combined business. He engaged Weave Web to design a simple identity for the new brand, and an e-commerce website to integrate the two former businesses.

The results

Weave Web's design exemplifies the story of The County of Bourke: simplicity, beautiful materials that get better with age, products whose quality speaks for itself. Simon was already familiar with the Shopify hosted e-commerce system, so we implemented the site in Shopify, giving our client a winning combination of custom design and robust e-commerce features at a great price.

Going Solar

Content-rich commercial website

Going Solar is one of Victoria's longest-running solar electricity and hot water companies. They design and install award-winning solar systems, and are leaders in environmentally sustainable design. Their previous website was old-fashioned in appearance, painful to update, and difficult for visitors to find their way around.

The results

Weave Web created a website that not only looks fresh and inviting, but makes it far easier for Going Solar to add and update information. For instance, when Going Solar publish a new case study, it automatically appears as related content alongside relevant services, audience types and even brands. The old website looked static and neglected; the new site is a hub of activity.

Swap St

Home swap website

Carolyn and Lyndon are enthusiastic home swappers. Several times a year, they swap their home in Melbourne with another family in Australia or overseas, and enjoy a holiday in comfortable surroundings with no accommodation costs. They love the home swapping lifestyle, but they weren't happy with what was on offer for home swappers on the web. They found existing sites either too difficult to use, or so exclusive-looking that they were intimidating to an ordinary family. So they decided to start their own home swapping business.

The results

Weave Web helped Carolyn and Lyndon through the entire process of creating not just a website, but a brand new business. We helped them choose a memorable business name and designed a distinctive logo for them. Building on this, we designed a website that looks modern and slick, while retaining a friendliness and family focus that reflects Swap St's style and dedication to personal service. It's a site that will grow with their business, allowing them to introduce potential home swappers from all over the world.


Online textiles store

WorldWeave offers a unique collection of artisanal rugs and other interior design products, created by Melbourne design identity Piero Gesualdi and designer Sara Thorn. They wanted a website that would better showcase their products to both retail and wholesale customers.

The website

Weave Web designed a website based around beautiful product photos, including both in-context and detailed shots so customers can get a sense of how a product looks in a room, as well as inspecting the texture up close. The sophisticated content management system allows for timely and responsive sales and marketing tactics.

The Lost Dogs' Home

Not-for-profit website

Founded in 1910, The Lost Dogs' Home is Australia's largest animal shelter, and one of our most influential animal welfare organisations. Their existing website was badly in need of a design refresh, was confusing and poorly organised, and was lacking some basic functionality around pet adoptions. In short, it needed a complete overhaul.

Improving the adoption experience

When creating the new website, Weave Web used our expertise to revisit every aspect of the old site: content, organisation, design and functionality. We concentrated in particular on the adoption process, making it easy for users to see animals in their local area and get their questions answered, and incorporating an external inventory system seamlessly into the adoption experience.

Rebellion Brewing

Online beer store

Ballarat-based Rebellion Brewing make boutique beers, including a highly-regarded range of full-flavoured gluten-free beers. They needed a website that would have an overall unity while also differentiating between three distinct brands: O'Brien Gluten-Free Beer, The Rat Bitter Ale, and the Rebellion Brewery itself. They also needed a simple facility for online beer sales and a directory of outlets.

Three websites in one

The website we created offers a clear visual distinction between the three brands, while retaining consistent navigation throughout. Customers can buy beer with just a few clicks, and can easily find local outlets using a filtered browsing tool. It's a site full of character, just like Rebellion's beers!

Sydney String Centre

Online store for musicians

Sydney String Centre is Sydney's largest store for string musicians. From their Chatswood retail home and online, they serve everyone from students buying their first violin to professional musicians. Sydney String Centre invested in LightSpeed as both a point of sale system and an online store, and wanted to take the opportunity to refresh their tired-looking website.

The results

Weave Web built Sydney String Centre a site that seamlessly integrates LightSpeed Web Store with Drupal content management system. This allows the site to be more than just a store - it's also a source of helpful content about everything from choosing your first instrument to getting an old instrument valued. The site has an elegant design and uses mega menus to make navigation easier.

The Minimalist

Branding and e-commerce website

The Minimalist is an online store selling a curated range of designer products. With bricks-and-mortar stores in Sydney and New York, they wanted to launch two websites: one for the Australian market and one for US customers. They had decided to use the Shopify hosted e-commerce platform, and engaged Weave Web to implement a custom Shopify design.

The results

Weave's custom design reflects the essense of The Minimalist's brand: simple, but with great attention to detail. The Minimalist isn't obviously a Shopify website; it looks like a professionally designed, high-end online store. The Minimalist website was featured on popular design blog The Design Files.


PR agency website

Melbourne PR agency BENCH PR specialises in getting tech companies talked about. Their clients include both established enterprise IT companies like Check Point and Novell, and fast-growing cloud startups like Vend and Zendesk. They needed a website that better reflected their success in attracting well-known clients and bringing them tangible results in the form of media coverage.

The results

Weave Web started by designing BENCH PR a new logo to reflect the idea of a "benchmark" that the brand is built around. We then created a website that showcases the firm's high-profile clients and impressive results, using a series of collages created from real media headlines about each company, linked through to detailed case studies. Like BENCH PR's clients, the website is dynamic, businesslike and focused on results.

Good Shepherd Microfinance

Not-for-profit website

Good Shepherd Microfinance coordinates the delivery of Australia's most long-running and successful microfinance programs. The organisation needed a website that could speak to a number of different audiences: government, potential supporters, potential providers of the programs, and potential loan recipients.

Talking to mutiple audiences

Weave created a site that addresses these multiple audiences in clever ways. For example, we knew that a significant proportion of loan recipients had low English literacy skills, so we came up with the idea of showing the application process using simple captions accompanied by clear, colourful illustrations.


Online Hosiery Store

Born in the streets of Melbourne’s inner-north, OK OK was established by Emina Dzananovic in 2007 with the aim of creating a label of Australian-made basics with design-directed pieces. OK OK wanted to extend their online presence with a cleanly and dynamically designed online store.

Stacked and responsive

Weave Web designed a site that integrates OK OK's shopify cart smoothly with their wordpress blog  - from the customer's point of view, it's all one site. The home page also features a "stacked" design that displays products in a dramatic fashion. Finally, we made the site responsive so that it's easy to read and navigate on any internet-connected device.

O2 Networks

IT industry website

O2 Networks designs and deploys networking infrastructure for some of Australia's biggest companies. A successful, rapidly growing company that punches above its weight, O2 had well and truly outgrown their bare-bones website. They needed a site that would communicate their success stories and their unrivalled capability.

The results

Weave Web created a site based on content carefully tailored for specialist audiences, plus a strong, professional design with a few sexy touches. O2 Networks keeps going from strength to strength, gaining major new clients and ambitious, innovative projects. They now have a website that will adapt and grow with their business.


Asbestos consultant website

Airsafe are highly respected asbestos and hazardous material consultants, with over 30 years' experience in asbestos surveys and inspections, sample testing, and air monitoring during asbestos removal. Airsafe needed a new website that reflected their experience and professionalism, targeted both domestic and commercial customers, and crucially, ranked well in search engines.

The results

The responsive website we created combines a striking design - including ingenious use of moving images to create a 3D effect - with quality content that's optimised for both search engines and human readers. Since launch, traffic to Airsafe's site has more than doubled. This has been reflected in business growth: Airsafe's turnover has increased by over 30%, and they've had to employ new staff to meet increased demand!